Kenaf Seed


We are engaged in offering Kenaf seed, which vaguely looks like shark teeth, is more or less triangular in shape, sometimes kidney shaped seeds to our esteemed clients.
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Kenaf seed, which vaguely view like shark teeth, is more or less triangular in shape, sometimes kidney shaped, with more or less edged corners. It is ash gray or pale brown in color, frequently with pale yellow spots. The seeds are elegantly pubescent with a reddish brown radicular tip. The seeds vary in size. According to Dempsey, the number of seeds per kilogram in more refined varieties varies from 36,000 to 40,000 seeds. However, some African change or populations have a smaller seed and the fulfilled per kilogram may reach over 100,000 seeds. According to Boulanjer, the moderate number of seeds per kilogram is approximately 60,000.The seed has an edible oil whose synthetic characteristics are similar to those of cotton, but with a lower willing of linoleic acid and no gospel, a toxic phenolic pigment. The oil content in seeds varies on average in Italy between 16% and 22%. The kenaf seed, like the hemp seed, easily drops its germ inability due to its high oil content.

We have developed some of the most unique Kenaf varieties:

Some are applicable for biomass construction – for animal feeding & forage. Others are good for fibers & core production. The multifunction collections are applicable for two uses or more in one growing cycle.


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